Preparing the USB installation drive
Using W32DiskImager under Windows

To prepare your USB drive with this method, you'll require:

  • A PC running Windows XP or later
  • The software W32DiskImager
  • A raw disk image of the bootable OS X installer drive
  • An 8GB or bigger USB flash drive (which will be fully erased - so backup your data)

A USB installer drive with GPT partition scheme is used to setup Intel-based Macs. Old PowerPC-based Macs need a different method.

1. Download W32DiskImager

Start by downloading W32DiskImager from

2. Download the raw OS X installer disk image

Download the raw disk image of the bootable OS X installer drive for your selected Mac OS X version.

The filename has an ending in _rawimage.bin and it's description says, that it's specifically meant for "DD or W32DiskImager"

3. Check your USB flash drive

Ensure you have a 8GB or bigger flash drive.

If it currently isn't formatted, format it so it can be detected by W32DiskImager.

Now we are going to write the image to the USB flash drive.

4. Write the image to the flash drive.

Use W32DiskImager to write the downloaded raw disk image to your flash drive:
  1. Select your flash drive's drive letter in W32DiskImager
  2. Load the previously downloaded raw image (ending in .bin)
  3. Click "Write" to write it to the flash drive.
This process may last half and hour or longer, depending on the write speed of your flash drive.

5. Safely unmount the drive

Use the Windows function "Safely remove hardware" to unmount the newly created USB installer drive.

(6. Verify it on a Mac)

The drive is not readable by Windows. If you have access to a Mac, use it to verify your newly created installer drive, which should be detected an offer a program Install Mac OS X or similar. Again, safely unmount the drive by clicking the Eject symbol in Finder хостинг